Time Match betting types

Time Match betting types

There are a number of options for this bet:

  • the hosts will win both the first half and the match;
  • in the first half, the first team will prevail, but the match will end in a draw;
  • the home team will prevail after two 45 minutes;
  • the first half of the confrontation will end in a draw, the duel will end in victory for the first;
  • a draw both in the first 45 minutes and in the meeting;
  • a draw in the first half of the game, the final victory of the guests.
  • victory of the guests in the first half and the victory of the hosts in the match;
  • the second will prevail in the first half of the game, but the result will be a draw;
  • the second team will win both halves of the game.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of this type of betting is favorable odds. It is more difficult to predict the outcome of the half and the game as a whole, because in football they are often polar opposites. Sometimes even the clear favorite does not have the initiative at the beginning of the meeting, and the main events are postponed to the second part. Substitutions, coaching decisions and change of tactics at half-time correct the game. We do not rule out surprises: penalties, sending off, an outsider’s random goal. Watch the video and learn more.

Things to keep in mind when betting on a time match

The player should not use systems or catch-ups when choosing such a bet. The bet is backed up by careful analysis, and the choice is backed by caution. The passage of bets on a time-match at a distance depends on the characteristics of the game of a particular team. For example, the favorite scores at the beginning or likes to score a “goal in the locker room”, while the opponent shows himself better in the denouement of the game.

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