Table tennis betting strategy

Table tennis betting strategy

Bookmakers include table tennis in their betting lines. This sport is not the most popular among bookmakers’ customers, but it can be a good earner as well.

Features of table tennis

  1. No external influences. Interesting point: games take place in halls, weather conditions are unable to hinder the athletes.
  2. The format of the match. Be sure to clarify whether the match is up to three sets or four wins. This can play a decisive role. Example: A player loses in sets 1-2? in the fourth game with a score of 6-10 not in his favour.
  3. Look at the type of game. Singles, doubles or mixed. In doubles, a sensation is more likely.

Table tennis betting strategy in Live

The table tennis betting strategy under consideration is that we will bet on the favourite as the match progresses when it loses. It is desirable to enter at the moment when the favourite loses in sets 1-2 or 0-1 and loses a few balls over the course of the next set. The odds are usually 1.7-1.8 to win, although before the game started they were 1.2-1.3.

Table Tennis Betting Strategy

Note that at major tournaments, first rackets sometimes have malfunctions. Sometimes the outsider wins one or two sets unexpectedly for many. But then he does not know what to do with his unexpected advantage. In this case, the bookmakers raise the odds on the leader’s victory. This is the moment to exploit in order to get the maximum profit.

We’ll bet a percentage of the pot. At odds 1.7-1.8 it would be roughly 6%. It is possible to bet on the victory in the set on the favorite losing 2-3 goals. In this case the odds are not bad either. The best betting odds are 2-5 or 2-4, or 0-3. The losing player has plenty of time to win back the set.

Important points of a table tennis betting strategy

It is not worth betting on an experienced midfielder in such cases. The fact is that such players are good at sensing that the favourite is not showing their best game on a given day. Understanding this, the mediators, on the contrary, demonstrate the maximum of their abilities, which allows them to win the match.

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