Second half goal betting strategy

Second half goal betting strategy

Football statistics show that goals are most often scored in the second half. This makes sense. In the first half of a meeting, teams tend to adapt and try not to make mistakes. From around the middle of the first half, dangerous chances begin to emerge. However, the main action takes place in the second half.

Statistically, about 40-45% of goals are scored in the first half and 55-60% in the second half. The probability of goals in the second half is higher, but the odds on second-half totals are also lower.

Let’s find out in which minutes of the second half goals are scored. To do this, we will divide the 2nd half into three time slots:

45th to 60th minute;
From the 60th to the 75th minute;
From the 75th to the 90th minute.

The first interval, from the 45th to the 60th minute, is the time when the least number of goals are scored in the second half. The teams are drawn into the game after the break, they start cautiously, the players still have enough energy. In addition, maximum speed is not yet on, and passions are not running high to the limit.

In the second interval, namely from the 60th to the 75th minute, more goals are scored. The teams start to open up, tire out and it all translates into goals.

In the latter stages of the interval, the most goals are scored, as both teams or one of the teams is starting to lose physical strength and the players don’t have time to get back into their defence and lose their position. In addition, the teams start to take a lot of chances. As a consequence, the last 15 minutes is when the maximum number of second half goals are scored.


We will bet on a goal by one of the teams in the second half, taking into account the statistics of previous meetings.

Then we analyze the stakes at the stadiums. We shall find the shops that have the odds higher than 2. In this case it is possible to talk about the wagering. We must also take into consideration the strength of the opponent. The optimum choice is when the selected team plays home against a mid-tier team, that frequently concedes away in the second half. You can find these clubs in the statistics.

We turn our attention to the series, in which the clubs conceded in the second half. These statistics show that the players of these teams lack concentration for the whole contest, and for this reason they allow their opponents to score against them.

Before each round, we make a selection of matches according to the teams’ suggested algorithm for betting on goals in the second half. That way we will have a good chance of making a profit after many games.

It is extremely important to have accounts in at least 3-4 offices with low margin. This way you can bet at the highest odds every time.

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